Constant Clogs In Pipe System? Why This Happens And How A Plumber Repairs Pipes

If you keep getting constant clogs in your pipe system, you need to determine why this is happening. You also need to hire a plumber to repair the pipes for you quickly before the clogs build up and cause more serious problems. Below is more information about this so your pipes will be healthy once again.

Why Clogs Happen

Besides the usual hair, soap, food waste, and dirt, there are other things that can cause clogged pipes. One is mineral buildup. This will happen if you have hard water in your home. One way to prevent this from happening is to install a water softener in your home. If you do not want to do this, you need to descale and remove the sediment that comes from hard water on a regular basis. This mineral buildup can be difficult to remove, especially if you do not tackle the problem quickly.

Another thing that can cause clogged pipes is tree roots. If there are trees that have spreading roots planted near the sewer pipes in your yard, the roots of these trees will infiltrate the pipes. Once this happens, the pipes will become damaged, such as cracks. Check the trees that you have planted to see I they have a spreading root system. If so, you will need to remove the tree to prevent this problem from recurring.

How a Plumber Removes Clogs

Besides using snakes and augers, many plumbers use other technology to find and remove clogs. The first thing they may do is to use a video pipe camera. This is a camera that is attached on a long wire. The camera is also attached to a video monitoring system. The camera is waterproof so it can withstand water conditions found in the pipes.

The plumber pushes the camera into the drain, which is generally through the sewer, and uncoil the wire a little at a time to push the camera into the drain slowly. As the camera passes through, the plumber will look at a small video screen to see images the camera captures.  This will allow the plumber to find all clogs and the plumber will also know if they need to repair any pipes.

Once the video inspection is finished, the plumber may use a process called hydrojetting to remove the clogs. A hydro jet is often used first because the plumber will not have to dig in your yard to reach the damaged pipes. This not only ruins your landscaping but will cost you much more money. The hydro jet uses high pressure water to scour the pipes and remove all clogs.

Talk with a plumber about this information to learn much more.