Attributes To Look For In Non-Contact Film Thickness Measuring Equipment

Film measurement serves the valuable purpose of ensuring film products are reliable in form before they leave a manufacturing facility. However, not every method used for measuring the thickness of film or every machine used for the process is going to be the same. In fact, there are multiple options out there to choose from. Take a look at some of the most important attributes to look for in a non-contact film measurement equipment piece. 

The equipment is operable via a computer interface. 

Having film thickness measuring equipment that has a digital screen to show you measurements is nice, but it is much better if you can connect the equipment to a computer. Look for measuring equipment that allows you to connect to the computer and control the actions on an interface. This will allow you to control the actions of the machine, as well as record all of the data you reap in the process right on the computer. 

The equipment is capable of switching between different films efficiently. 

When you have measured one piece of film and are ready to switch to another type, it should be rather easy to unload the roll you just measured and reload a new product. This computer-based interface should allow seamless transitions from one measurement to the next as well. If it is awkward or a hassle to switch between films, it will lower the efficiency levels of the equipment and make it hard to do as many tests or measurements that you need to. 

The equipment is versatile enough to measure one or both sides of a film product. 

Being able to measure both sides of a piece of film independently helps in a lot of different applications. For example, if you have a sheet of film that is only a film layer on one side and offers a solid backing of paper or plastic, it can be hard to measure the true thickness of the film with a lot of thickness measuring equipment. The best film thickness measuring equipment is going to be capable of giving you independent readings from either side of the film. 

The more time you spend selecting the best measurement equipment in the film production industry, the more efficient your daily work processes will go. Reach out to a film thickness measuring equipment dealer like Sapience Automation for more information about the best products.