3 Monetizing Trends Your Gaming App Needs

From shooting and war roleplay to racing and trivia, there are many types of games currently on the market to download. Because of the variety available, it is easy to see why billions of smartphone owners use gaming apps daily. As a developer, you most likely understand the effort needed to develop these gaming apps. Not only will you need to come up with an idea, but you will also need creativity, discipline, dedication, and technological skills to launch a successful gaming app. Of course, once available, you should be rewarded for your hard work. With this guide, you will learn a few effective trends to consider for monetizing your gaming app.

Video Ads

You probably already understand how beneficial ads on your gaming app can be. Users click on the ad, earning you income. Video ads, however, are even more effective for earning income. Video is incredibly appealing to users as long as it is relevant to the specific gaming app. For example, a video advertising sports car would be attractive to racing game users, or a video ad featuring a popular football player would be ideal for a football or sports-themed game.

Since the app users must watch the video to continue with their game, there is more of a chance for the users to click on the advertisements. Therefore, videos not only entertain users, but they also have a higher chance of clicks, which earn you income.


Selling subscriptions is a pretty common monetizing option with PC and console games, but subscriptions on mobile gaming apps are also becoming popular. Offering a subscription to users will require offering certain features that only subscribers will have access to, though, which will require some creativity on your end.

Some developers offer subscribers access to more levels/maps, etc., depending on the theme of your game. Subscribers may also be able to play ad-free, improving their overall gaming experience and allowing them to focus more time and money on making in-app purchases.

Make sure to offer your subscribers new features and benefits continuously. This will ensure they are rewarded for paying for the subscription, which will increase their desire to renew when the subscription comes to an end.

Paid subscribers will spend more time on your app to ensure they reap the benefits of a paid subscription. The more time on the app, the more they play, make purchases, enjoy their game, and tell others about the game, which can lead to even more downloads, ad clicks, subscriptions, in-app purchases, and revenue.

In-App Purchases

As mentioned previously, in-app purchases are also an effective way of monetizing your gaming app. Users will spend more time playing your game if they are able to customize it to their personality and needs, which will require making in-app purchases to enhance their gaming experience. You may be surprised by the different types of in-app purchases you can offer your users.

Options that allow your users to customize their gaming experience, characters, background, etc. are key, since most users want the game to be focused on their unique personalities. Even giving the user's ability to add their name to a design feature can be attractive and profitable.

Allowing your users to purchase higher-quality tools for the game is also essential. Users want to be able to have something other users do not have, helping them succeed/win in the game. Special weapons, extra lives, etc. are all examples of the higher-quality tools.

Monetizing your gaming app does not have to be a challenge. By using one, more, or all of these trends, your game will not only be enjoyable for users but also profitable for you. Learn more from a game monetization software company.