When And Why You Would Use SMS For Your Small Business

SMS, or text messaging, is typically used by people who want to send a quick personal message to someone they know without having to call them. So, why on earth would you ever use SMS services for your small business? More to the point, when would you use such a service, given that SMS is not exactly and acceptable and professional means of communication. Well, in certain circumstances, text messaging can be quite professional and very useful to you. The following shows when and why a small business operation like yours could and would use SMS services for small business

SMS Replaces Mass Mailings

In the good old days of business, you would send a mass paper mailing via snail mail. Everyone in a twenty-mile radius would receive your business/sales flyer, whether they wanted it or not. Text messaging replaces that old system of mass mailing with a more refined means of alerting people to a sale and/or your business. However, people do have to accept the text and data charges related to this messaging, which means you will only reach the consumers who are truly interested in what you do. However, the bonus is that you will save thousands of dollars on printing and postage, and in most cases, you do not pay for the mass text messages either. 

You Have a "Flash" Sale

Regardless of what you sell, there will be times when you want to push sales a little harder. A "flash" sale is an abbreviated period of time where customers can buy a product or service for a deep discount. To reach as many customers as possible, you would want to send a mass text message that would appear on their phones and tablets. The message would include what the product/service is, the discount, the date of the flash promo, and the limited timeframe that customers have to respond if they choose to purchase the mentioned product/service. 

You Have Several Employees and Need to Send Them All an Important Message

When you have twenty or more employees, and you want all of them to be on the same page with what is going on with the business, a mass text is the way to go. Send the text to all of the business tablets as well as to employee phones. Within thirty minutes or less, all of your employees will be alerted to major changes in the company, or to the fact that you will not be in the office today due to illness.