3 Monetizing Trends Your Gaming App Needs

From shooting and war roleplay to racing and trivia, there are many types of games currently on the market to download. Because of the variety available, it is easy to see why billions of smartphone owners use gaming apps daily. As a developer, you most likely understand the effort needed to develop these gaming apps. Not only will you need to come up with an idea, but you will also need creativity, discipline, dedication, and technological skills to launch a successful gaming app. [Read More]

Want to Cut the TV Cord? Should You Dump Internet Too?

Many of the U.S.'s biggest cable companies are starting to feel the sting of rejection as more and more subscribers "cut the cord" in favor of subscription television and streaming services. In fact, the number of "cord cutters" across the U.S. increased by a full third last year, now totaling more than 33 million American adults. If you're considering joining the ranks of other cable cutters, there are a few things to take into account before you make your final call to your cable provider—most notably, how you'll be able to support television streaming services without home internet. [Read More]

Attributes To Look For In Non-Contact Film Thickness Measuring Equipment

Film measurement serves the valuable purpose of ensuring film products are reliable in form before they leave a manufacturing facility. However, not every method used for measuring the thickness of film or every machine used for the process is going to be the same. In fact, there are multiple options out there to choose from. Take a look at some of the most important attributes to look for in a non-contact film measurement equipment piece. [Read More]

Transitioning To New B2B Ecommerce Software Solutions

Businesses looking to upgrade their eCommerce solutions may find themselves having to migrate significant amounts of information. Whether you're moving from one SaaS solution to another or moving from on-premise solutions to the cloud, you'll need to have a plan. Here's how to take the first steps towards your next software solution from a B2B eCommerce SaaS software supplier. What Type Of Migration Are You Interested In? There are three types of migration that are popular. [Read More]