Styles Across The Miles: Creating An Interactive App For Fashion Stylist And Consumers

Finding a stylist in person is not as simple as going to a store. To find a stylist who can help you put together the right ensembles, you have to sift around for people who are in the industry. You will also have to find a stylist who understands the looks that you are going for and will be able to put together outfits that are right for your figure and for your overall theme. One of the best methods for finding a stylist is an application. If you own a styling company and want to take your fashion capabilities to an application, you will be able to gain customers all over the world. Before you get started, here are some things that you need to keep in mind about creating an interactive app for fashion stylists. 

Create a button to show who is online

Sometimes customers will have a question that they need to be answered within the hour. If you have customers who are in different parts of the world, there needs to be a system for them to see what stylists are available online immediately. This will allow them to connect with someone who is ready and available to help the customer put together outfits or find the right type of clothing for their needs. Have a button that indicates what stylists are online and available to take messages or chats. This will allow consumers the chance to check with stylists who can give them immediate customer service. 

Install face to face video chat

Video chatting is going to be a staple for a fashion app. Make sure that your app integrates technology that will allow for video chatting between a stylist and a customer. To respect the privacy of customers and protect your app from hacking, only customers should be able to initiate any video chatting between themselves and stylists. This way customers can interact by showing stylists pieces and stylists can provide person to person details based on visual arrangements, rather than pictures and guesswork. 

Go for different size subscriptions

You have some customers who will be getting together a wardrobe for a professional event or a week-long vacation. You will have other customers who will be interested in having help selecting clothing for a brand new wardrobe that they are building on a biweekly basis. Have a subscription level for those who need one-time help and those who wish to have a stylist on call on a regular basis. This will encourage customers to try out your subscriptions and give them a chance to gain the benefits of your service. 

It's amazing what you can accomplish by embracing interactive applications for your business. For help in evolving your fashion business with technology, check out other online resources that can help you to create the perfect app for your needs.